ABOUT branded wood

With over 25 years of experience designing and building Outdoor Kitchens, Bar Units, Fire & Water Features, etc., we’ve worked extensively with wood products on many projects. While everyone loves the beauty and warmth that only wood can provide, our harsh climate can take its toll on any materials that are used outdoors. Even the man-made composites had issues with longevity, colour retention, etc. At Branded Wood, we determined that the best solution would be to develop a process that could increase the beauty and longevity of natural wood, while reducing or eliminating maintenance, without the use of harsh chemicals or allergens.

When we first learned about the Shou Sugi Ban process, we were intrigued by how it increased the durability and longevity of the wood, while at the same time, dramatically enhancing the natural beauty and texture of the grain. Originating in Japan, several hundred years ago, the Shou Sugi Ban process was done over an open fire, banding three boards together into a triangular chimney, and standing it over the fire. The fire would burn up the inside of the boards, charring the surface, and then be knocked apart to be extinguished and brushed. This process would burn away the softer, cellulose material in the wood, while hardening and enhancing the grain, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. Although sounding like a very exciting, romantic ritual, that method certainly wasn’t suitable for high volume production, and consistency would be difficult to achieve.

More recently, hand torches have been used, with scrubbing still done by hand, which is still not suitable for production quantities, and consistency is still be a problem using this technique. Alternatively, large inefficient, open flame burners have been used to achieve the charring, which has resulted in limited success, and there are a few companies that are now producing charred wood products on a commercial basis, using large kilns to generate heat, then performing a separate brushing operation. Although this can produce higher quantities, it’s still not the most efficient, cost effective process.

At Branded Wood, we took over three years to research and experiment with the Shou Sugi Ban technique, and then used what we had learned to design and build a proprietary machine to perform the complete Shou Sugi Ban process on various types of wood. The results have been remarkable, and we’re now capable of producing outstanding Shou Sugi Ban style results on a consistent basis, in very high quantities.

Although we do carry inventory on some Shou Sugi Ban style wood products, we can source the wood you require from suppliers that we work with, or you can purchase your wood products from your own preferred supplier, and simply have it delivered to our factory for processing. After consulting with you, we’ll determine the degree of charring and brushing that’s required for your application, then run samples for approval and process your order. We also offer standard and custom coloring for your Branded Wood Products.