Interior Application

Branded Wood is a beautiful, durable and affordable compliment to any interior design style. The Shou Sugi Ban style process that we’ve developed imparts remarkable texture and richness to the wood, without chemicals or allergens, making it an excellent choice for interior spaces. If desired, colour can be added for amazing results.

Unlike vinyl, glass and most metals, wood does not readily attract or give off electrons, and is not statically charged. The disadvantage of statically charged surfaces is the tendency to attract dust, pollen and dirt. Branded Wood can help reduce the occurrence of common household allergens.

The cellular structure of the wood also makes it a natural insulator – 15 times better than masonry and 400 times better than steel, therefore requiring less energy to heat and cool interior spaces.

Branded Wood Interiors:


Whether your project involves a stunning feature wall, or an entire room, Branded Wood will impart a captivating element to your design. Even without finishing, the dramatic look and texture of Branded Wood will transform your space. From cedar tongue & groove and feature boards, to pine wainscoting, you’ll always achieve spectacular results using Branded Wood.


Flat, vaulted or cathedral style ceilings are ideal applications for Branded Wood products. A wood accented ceiling will soften the edges of stone, steel and glass, which are popular elements in today’s modern designs.


The warm comfort of Shou Sugi Ban/Branded Wood flooring provides textural balance to the refined lines of Mid-Century Modern design. Rustic pine and cedar, or stately Douglas fir will all produce outstanding flooring when processed by Branded Wood.

Bars, wine cellars, furniture and all types of cabinetry

will be dramatically transformed when Branded Wood’s Shou Sugi Ban wood is introduced to your project. Because our proprietary process imparts such a dramatic appearance to the wood, it can be used without applying a finish, but the unique grain pattern will produce stunning results if colour is desired.

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