Exterior Application

The proprietary Branded Wood process that we’ve developed has a dramatic effect on both the visual and physical properties of the wood.

The visual aspects are obvious – the Shou Sugi Ban technique enhances the grain and texture of the wood, transforming Nature’s handiwork into a captivating work of art. This is because the process involves charring and brushing away the softer cellulose material in the wood, which highlights and hardens the grain. And because the cellulose is what invasive insects and fungus feed on, the lifespan of the wood is greatly increased. The wood will also be more fire retardant, due to the fact that it’s much harder after the Shou Sugi Ban process, a very important, added benefit.

Many synthetic, composite materials have found their way into the exterior products market, with varying degrees of success, but these products have had issues with colour fading, excessive heat retention, mold, etc., and long term durability is still questionable. Shou Sugi Ban style wood products can last decades outdoors. In fact, there are wooden buildings in Japan that are hundreds of years old that have been constructed with Shou Sugi Ban wood. Branded Wood Products provide enhanced beauty while providing increased longevity to the wood, with little to no maintenance.

Branded Wood Exteriors:

The stunning visual and performance properties of Branded Wood make it the preferred choice for all outdoor applications.

Siding/Board & Batten

Decks Fences

Privacy Walls

Outdoor Rooms


Saunas/Hot Tub Enclosures

Exterior Wood Accents

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